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Ophthalmic Lasers - Cataract

Lpulsa Q-YAG Laser

LpulsaLpulsa Q-YAG laser


  • New design laser head / software; totally consistent power delivery, eliminates energy fluctuations, reduces lens pitting.
  • Warning display if energy left high (+ 2mj) by previous user.


  • Super Gaussian optics; ultra low order mode for minimum lens pitting
  • New solid state Q-switch; lowest order breakdown
  • Convenient, easy to read settings, displays
  • Crystal clear, bright viewing optics
  • Offset and burst settings
  • Motorised stand offering excellent wheelchair access
  • Precision focusing
  • Haag-Streit style converging eyepieces 5x step mag. changer


Mode: Pure fundamental, Energy: Continuously adjustable from 0.2 to 10 mJ
Spot size: 8 microns, Burst mode: 1,2,3, pulses.
Pulse width: 4 nanosec, adjustable defocusing
Cone angle: 16 degrees

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