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Keeler Vantage Plus Digital Video Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Digital imaging in your Clinic, Theatre and Teaching Facility
ROP, Non Accidental Injury and VR

USB Interface Plugs into PC to record examinations in digital format

Software For easy still or dynamic imaging, storage and documentation. Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows XP

Vantage Plus LED Slimline Built on the number one selling LED slimline system

The intuitive and powerful software allows you to use your laptop, or any USB interface, to optimise the examination and provide still or dynamic images, which aid in the documentation and diagnosis of your patient. 


  • Interface - USB 2.
  • Supply - taken from USB 2 interface.
  • Adjustable field of view.
  • Variable focus to suit user.
  • Optimised optics and CCD for indirect ophthalmology. 


  • Intuitive packages for Windows and Mac computers.

Vantage Plus: 

  • All controls and features of the original indirect preserved.
  • Intelligent optical system.
  • Lightweight battery options.
  • Keeler Knowhow. 


  • Supported by the company that first introduced the video indirect.

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