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iON Imaging System

Slit lamp imaging is redefined with the iON imaging system by combining a new intra-optics beamsplitter/camera adapter with the tremendous computing and imaging power of Apple® technology.

iON Imaging SystemiON Slit Lamp Imaging System

Ease of Use
Easily capture high resolution video or still images. Update software via the App Store. Simply start the App and you’re ready to capture.

Optimized Performance
All controls at your fingertips in “heads-up” display. Unique “intra-optics” beam-splitter/adapter/mount. Harnesses the power of Apple® with its exclusive HDR, “Focus Pixel” technology.

Seamlessly Networked
Wirelessly display your images on your exam room monitors. Archive, view, and share images immediately in the Cloud.


  • Capture Modes - Still Image or HD Video
  • Camera Resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels at 401ppi
  • Video Resolution - 1080p HD video recording (30fps or 60 fps)
  • Contrast Ratio - 1300/1
  • Image Capture Via Bluetooth activated footswitch
  • Dimensions 18cm x 6.5cm x 17cm
  • Weight1.4kg

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